Yzf R125: Confused About "check Hose" And Clutch

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    I'm just wondering about check hose from air filter. In the manual I can see that if the check hose is dirt is or water visible, I have to remove, clean it and install again. The problem is that in my check hose there is something like gold-yellow oil and there isn't nothing about the kind of "oil" in the manual. Do I have some leaking from somewhere?
    I can send you a pic if you want

    After adjusting the clutch lever free play about 10-15mm, how can I find the zone where the clutch is pressed enough? Because all pressure range until clutch touches the handle it's not good, isn't ?
    Will it be the moment, a little further than friction zone, when the bike starts to go?
    Or the moment when I can hear the typical sound "CLICK" during pressing the clutch, more or less in the middle of pressing ?
    Btw. Is this sound "click" a good thing?

    I suspect, for someone this questions are so simple, I'm just newbie that's why I'm asking , after trying to find something in manual or google

    Cheers guys
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    1. The airbox will need draining occasionally, this is because a little condensation can build up because of cold air being drawn in meeting warm air from the engine, this is usually more of a problem in winter though, as you can imagine. The water can trap fumes from the throttle body, which is why it can look a little brown.
    2. If you have taken up the slack in the clutch cable at the clutch lever and you don't like where the biting point is, then you can adjust the cable at the engine instead.
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  3. Thanks mate!

    How long do you recommend to wait until drive away, when I will turn on the engine after night? Straight away or just wait few minutes, for example 5 minutes?
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    If i'm starting the bike up from cold i wait until the ecu thinks the engine is warm enough and drops the revs. When starting the engine normally though, i will let it tick over for around 30 seconds. Just enough time to let the oil fully circulate and cover everything before moving off. So i guess i would recommend doing the same.

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