Yzf R125 Loses Power

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  1. Hi I am looking for some help with my YZF R125 2013 7000 miles, when ridding it will randomly loses power for around 2-4 seconds then the power will come back and ride fine sometimes I can go for a 10 mile ride and it does not do it. I took it out tonight over to a friend’s house which is 6 miles from me and it was fine on the way home got about 1 mile up the road and it lost power for 2-4 seconds then was fine the rest of the way home . I have emptied the fuel tank and put fresh fuel in. I have fitted a new spark plug, it starts and ticks over fine it seems to be happening in 5th and 6th gear hold between 5-7000 rpm. Could the fuel pump be on the way out?


  2. Draft_

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    Does your electronics loose power too when the bike cuts out?

  3. Hi Draft,

    no they still work fine.


  4. Blazer

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    If the bike still has the original spark plug cap then the screw that fastens it to the plug lead may have snapped, the spark will jump the gap but at high revs the vibration can cause the gap to widen and the engine to die, so it's worth unscrewing it to check. This has happened to me and others, yamaha tend to replace the cap with a NGK branded one rather than replacing the original. It may also be worth checking for corrosion or a loose connection on the coil as well, it's tucked away so tends get ignored.
  5. Liam1999

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    Did you manage to sort it in the end? What was it? Mine is doing the same... I've replaced ignition coil.. spark plug.. checked connections but can't see anything...

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