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Discussion in 'For sale' started by happysnapper2009, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. cash waiting im looking for a rossi rep or black with tail tidy fitted . cash waiting for the right bike . been to see 3 over the last week on ebay but all were ************e .
    the 1 rossi rep was a fake . red on log book and re sprayed .
    pm me or post up what u got in this thread


  2. that is cheap lol! id hpi that 1 though, well i would any you look at but 1s that seem to good to be true i deffo would. Just to check if there is no outstanding finance left onit, but that is a bargain.

  3. tbh mate outstanding finance doent mean anything the fanance company can not take the bike if you have bought it from someone hear is the customer rights
    The Consumer Credit Act 1974 gives ‘good title’ to the innocent private purchaser of a car which later turns out to be subject to a claim by a finance company because of a previous, unpaid hire-purchase agreement. This means that the finance company is not entitled to repossess the car from you. Remember, this does not apply to cars which have been stolen, or cars that were subject to a lease or hire agreement.

  4. ahhh never knew that, I always thought if it had finance they could take it off you if it wasnt paid off. live and learn lol.

  5. thats what i fort mate until i was watching a program a few months back called britans rights or something, and the did an artical on so called snachbacks.and as it shows there the finance company cannot take the car of a new owner, its just through word and mouth that one. but oviously lease or hire can be taken back thats were people get mixed up oviously tho wehen buying you need to check for stolen or damaged

  6. i phoned the dude up last week and offered 2900£ as it will cost me £100 to go and get it . he said no it wants full price 2995£

  7. im biding on the 2008 blue with the micron on ebay atm . winning so far @ £2100 but wont bid any higher


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  8. just phoned . good price but the bike has damage and scraches to right hand side plastics was dropped at low speed (cat c)
  9. chelseaboy

    chelseaboy Guest

    If anyone wins this auction please PM me. I am looking for that exhaust system and will give a fair price, or a brand new in box exhaust system.

  10. if i win it mate i wont be selling the exhaust . they are very rare . i hope i do win the bike just hope it is as clean as the dude says it is .
    ive wasted around £150 over the last 3 weeks traveling to see r125s . . they say mint bike but when u get there they are crap .

  11. good luck on the biddin mate hope you winn,were abouts are you from because there is an 2008 plate in blue at my local yammy dealer with only 300miles on it i fink its up for around 2700 its yamaha sale in manchester p.s if you win that bike you could easly sell that exaughst for lots of pennys lol
  12. chelseaboy

    chelseaboy Guest

    Fair enough if you dont sell, but if you ever decide you want to get rid of it please message me first! You really should go check it out, I wouldnt buy a used motorbike on ebay without making sure the clutch aint gone or its frame isnt cracked or something, get a specialist to check it out before you buy!

  13. its got a rare exhaust but i looked at that, i think its well over priced with the mileage it has on it, aint it got somethin like 8000 on the clck?

  14. well i didnt win . the bike went for silly money in the end . 2250£ the winner also had no feedback so maybe a scam .
    theres a black/white 09 with tail tidy on there for 2995 with just under 900 miles . looks mint i offered the dude £2800
    but he said no best price £2900 . only problem is the bike hasnt had a yam service plus from what i can make out the bike
    was took from the ower by a debt collector and sold at a Auction , and the dealer who has it now is selling it . ive asked has it been
    HPI cleared but he hasnt replyed .

  15. hes emailed and said

    Hello, As this was a finance repossession I have not got the V5, I can apply for one but that would mean another name on the V5. The way we normally deal with repossessions is for the customer to apply to the DVLA themselves. I do have the purchase receipt for the bike, which I'm happy to show you but if you want a HPI check you will have to do it youself.

    this bike sounds well dodgey too me . what about you guys?
  16. chelseaboy

    chelseaboy Guest

    Could be legit, make him get the V5 then and then do an HPI check. I'd find out whether they are a dealership or whatever and get some background info on them.

    I thought you lost the auction anyways? Guessing the guy who won it isnt legit. If you ask me mate, this seems like a bit of a palava. If I was you I'd go to a yammy dealer and buy one with little mileage. Should be able to pick one up one up for about 2500 with a few thousand on the clock. Then you get the dealers warranty etc etc

  17. matey ano this mynt sound abit stupid buy why not just go for a new one your oviously looking at payng around 2900 for one buy the looks of the ones you are posting, i mean i payed 3800 for myn brand new with 2 years warrenty and a years RAC sure tht extra bits gota be worth it there evan doing 0%finance if ou havent got the extra just get your self to a dealer and look round i know i saw sence in sted of looking at second hand ones everway mate you want regret buying the bike there awsome :) good luck

  18. the dude wont send for the v5 because he dont want another name on the log book . all he has is a piece of paper saying sold from the place he got the bike .

    ive been looking at buying new . but dont think i will as i will only have the bike for 2 to 3 months as im doing my full test . i will lose to much money if i buy new.

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